Jojo—-crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Jojo was diagnosed with megaesophagus and had to be put down on 4-1-15.

Jojo was born on 1-28-15. Jojo weighs 6.11 pounds.  He is up to date on puppy shots and microchipped. He has been dewormed.  He will come with a neuter at 6 months contract.  Jojo’s mommy is a Min Pin mix we rescued from a shelter in NC.  We have no idea who his daddy is.  Jojo is black with brown markings.



2 thoughts on “Jojo—-crossed the Rainbow Bridge

  1. I can’t stand that animals are given up because they are old.  It’s so wrong.  I’m still looking for a little dog/  If s/he has problems, it’s fine.  Thank God you rescue these animals.

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