Hello, my name is Bailey. I’m a 16 years young kitty. I’ve had a good life, but am sad and lonely. You see, my Mommy had a car accident in November and eventually passed away from her injuries a few days before Thanksgiving. Mommy and I were best friends as it was only ever the two of us. She took great care of me and I always saw Dr. Patricia Woodie in Smyrna at All Pets Medical Center for any issues I ever had. Mommy and I kept each other company. She was a retired teacher and beloved by many; most especially me. I miss her very much! Mommy’s children are grown and have families of their own and can’t take me in (I have nieces & nephews that are allergic to me). They are super pawsome and have tried re-homing me themselves but without luck . They come and visit me every day and make sure I have food, water a clean litter box and pets & nuzzles, but it’s just not the same. I miss having a lap to snuggle in and a person to purr too. If you have room in your heart & in your home for a chronologically old kitty who is still young at heart, contact Ms. Nancy (who is super pawesome too!) and she can put you in touch with my champion.

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