Spanky was surrendered to one of our partner shelters by his owner.  He was severely matted, reeked of urine and feces in his fur, had long nails and his collar was stuck in his matted fur.  The shelter had to sedate him to shave him down.  They also worked with him for over 10 days before he would let anyone touch him.  We now have Spanky in a foster home and he is just as sweet as can be.

Spanky is around 8 years old per our vet’s best guess, 15 pounds (he was 23).  He is a very cute Yorkie and will be even cuter when his hair grows back.  He is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, and heartworm negative.  He is housebroke and is getting along great with the dogs and cats in his foster home.  He previously lives with a 3 year old child and a pit bull.

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  1. OMG I don’t know what to think cause my baby nugget (just turned 2 on 4/16/19) was tramatized by the groomer at PetSmart after they literally locked him in a crate (which he has never been in one) for 6 hours, muzzled (still don’t know what for) in the dark ( now I have a little light in every room on just in case) and then left him with only his butt cut & one paw w/ the nails done and there was blood and I was called to say he was going to have to get picked up and that he would have to be sedated to get groomed by someone else…. trust me it was only his 2nd time@grooming & only cause the only place that accommodate the work schedule (he used to be at work w/ me & he was luved & everyone luved him and was never a problem) I was almost arrested for the incident and now I’m still working on getting him untramatized but anytime I pull out the sciccorrs or clippers he takes off & now he is getting better and better with baths but I don’t know what to do about the situation with the grooming and I am literally more tramatized than him and the baby benedryl doesn’t work enough but he is now way close to the description of the poor guy but his story gave me more anxiety and he did work with a groomer for 6 months after and made great progress and then she moved away from us & I have always had my previous (RIP) baby groomed and kept and I don’t want to cause my new baby boy anymore teams and I would love to ask for the advice cause I am literally in the process of getting my baby a playmate but I honestly don’t want him to feel insecure about his appearance (don’t laugh) and he again doesn’t in any way look like anything like that boy but the story just gave me a surge of anxiety cause he is my child and I love him as that and I have been 💯💔 every time I see him run away when I get the sciccorrs cause any other time he is literally laying on me lol and he is a SHORKIE. Just wanted some advice and guidance since obviously you guys have seen such grave things and have a great outcome I figured who best to ask cause if you have had such success with such a horrible situation I know I have hope cause mine is no where close to that but no mom’s mind is ever at ease when your baby is concerned 💌🐕💚

    • Alicia, I would suggest never using PetSmart groomers ever. Find a highly recommended in your area or ask your vet office for recommendations. A good groomer will be patient and kind and take the time to earn your pups trust. You can also get a spray called Adaptil that helps to calm a dogs fears and may be beneficial for the next few visits. Good Luck!

  2. Very interested!!! Just wondering how long is the process!? I’ve submitted an application to adopt Spanky! ❤️

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