Chip – Either full blast playing or knocked out sleeping. Super snuggly, bottom of the totem pole.

DOB 4-1-2020

Weight on 5-15-20: 6.38 pounds.  Chip has had first DA2PPV, dewormer and microchip. Vet assessment: ataxia, head bobbles when trying to eat/drink, head tilt – consistant with cerebellar hypoplasia.

A DNA test done on one of the puppies showed: Cocker Spaniel, Boxer, Beagle, Rottie, American Staffordshire Terrier, St. Bernard, Collie, Super Mutt!

10 thoughts on “Chip

  1. Our daughter desperately wants this dog. She has been looking at him since he was posted and is ready to give her full attention to him. We will all take care of him here. We filled out an application earlier. If there is any question or fall through on this pending adoption, please consider us. She is a senior graduating from high school this year, and this would make her senior year so much better. Please keep us in mind. We are completely ready and prepared to take care of Chip and all that comes with him.

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