Fallon – Very similar to Blossom. I think she could excel in obedience/trick dog training, super confident and smart

DOB 4-1-2020

Weight on 5-15-20: 6.84 pounds.  Fallon has had first DA2PPV, dewormer and microchip.

A DNA test done on one of the puppies showed: Cocker Spaniel, Boxer, Beagle, Rottie, American Staffordshire Terrier, St. Bernard, Collie, Super Mutt!

12 thoughts on “Fallon

  1. Hi – why aren’t you accepting applications on Blossom? Will you be in the next coming weeks?

  2. I am looking to buy a new puppy and I saw you have some. I really like Fallon and I was wondering if you were open for appointments to see the dogs. I would also like to know how much she would be.

  3. It no longer says pending adoption or no apps being accepted, does this mean Fallon has become available?

  4. We are trying to figure out how to foster a dog that was mentioned but the picture did not give us a name for her. Her foster family did not want her because she bit their 9 year old? She’s a collie

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