Harley is a 9 month old male Boxer who came to us after he ate a sock and the owner could not afford surgery.  Luckily for us and Harley, he ended up passing the sock on his own.  When he came to us Harley was underweight at only 44 pounds, so he is in foster care until he gains enough for us to neuter him.  Harley is good with other dogs and cats. He is housebroke.  Does okay crated once you get him in one.  Harley also rides great in the car.  He is up to date on shots and on HW preventative.

13 thoughts on “Harley

  1. Hi! Is Harley still available? I know that adoption is a process…but we have always been a “boxer” family. Just wanted to know if he was still around, before we made any plans to begin the process! Thanks!

  2. Hi! Hope Harley’s gains some weight. Just wondering how close he is to being able to be adopted. We’ve had our app in awhile and with us all home, we can dedicate the time to socializing him.

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