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Santa Paws/Tucker



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Tucker is a 1 year old male Boxer or American Bulldog mix, we think. I only weighed 39 pounds but with slowly gaining I am up to 50 now. I am up to date on shots and am heartworm negative. I am microchipped and neutered. I am housebroke and am very cuddly. I am a bit hand shy with sudden movements but enjoy being loved on. I love wearing my new sweatshirt when it’s cold outside. He is also good with kids (met ages 5,10,15) but not good with farm animals or cats. I have not done a dog meet yet.

Merry Christmas everyone! I was brought into the shelter by Animal Control after I was found living outside, already severely underweight, covered in fleas, with no shelter and no food available.  Thanks to the folks at ODM I am happy to be in a home with a warm bed all my own and with a wonderful foster family. I am being fed small meals 4 times a day to help me gain weight.

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