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ODM welcomes Willie to the family!  Willie was left behind when his owner was evicted.  He is very happy to be in his foster home with 2 other dogs and cats.  He learned what a doggie dog is used for very quickly.  Willie needs to get his distemper/parvo shot updated but he is microchipped, neutered and heartworm tested negative.  Willie is a 8/9 year old, black full-size Dachshund weighing around 18 pounds.

Here is what his foster has to say:  He has been a perfect gentleman regarding food and sticks to his own bowl. He is very smart, catches on to what you want right away! We went to the beach this morning for our walk. He loved it! He is getting used to the car. I can tell he is afraid of being left alone still. Afraid I won’t come back! Once again I am falling in love with him.  He loves being able to go in and out and loves that dog door. Loves being outside and going for walks then wants to sleep on my lap!

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