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Sugar puppy

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Update: Zeppelin had his first vet appointment and is now up to date on shots.  He weighs 49 pounds.  He tested positive for ehrlichia, anaplasmosis and heartworm.  Vet than ran a CBC to find out if treatment is called for concerning the first two and it is not. The CBC came back normal.  As far as the HW is concerned, it is very dangerous to treat with immiticide during the summer months/heat can cause too many issues.  Our vet has recommended we do the slow kill method-Heartguard- for the summer and then retest Zeppelin.  If we are lucky and he only has female HW, the Heartguard will kill them and he would test negative.  If we are not lucky and he tests positive again, we will do the fast kill method with immiticide.  Because of this, we opted to cancel his neuter appointment and will wait until he does test negative before we neuter him.

Zeppelin:  He’s a “whole lotta love”. He will be two in June and don’t let his noggin fool you, he’s a medium size dog with a very large head. He has that beautiful pit bull smile. He is good with other dogs. He is good with cats too.   He’s a real “heart breaker” and will be a wonderful addition to your family.  

Zeppelin would do best in a home with at least one other dog as he loves his foster furbabies.  He is vocal and loves to “talk” to you.  Not a huge fan of water but he is getting used to his hikes in the woods and crossing streams.

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